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Why Boudoir is the Ultimate Act of Self- Love

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Let's think about this! You are probably reading this on your lunch break, or the 5 seconds you have before your kids bombard you with a million requests or questions or maybe laying in bed at night. As women, we often put ourselves last.

We don't have time for us...

We wake up exhausted then spend hours a day working at our job.

We come home or go straight to picking up kids.

We take care of our pets. Attempt to answer a million questions our kids are asking us and then start dinner and let's be honest it's take out tonight because who has time to cook right now with the busy schedule we have.

We finally finish dinner, get the kids or pets to bed, and then have a quiet hour or so with our significant other before finally being able to sleep.

Although do we really sleep? We can't stop thinking of the things we forgot to do today, the disappointments we may have created unknowingly, the work we have to do tomorrow, and so on.

Then we wake up to start the day all over again!! Sound like you? Well giiirrrrrlll YOU need this more than you think!!!!

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Most people when they hear boudoir think it sounds fun but, think there is noooo way I could do that! I usually laugh with them a bit and say OHHH yes you can and there is no better time than now! You don't have to lose the few pounds you are thinking about, You don't have to be a professional model, you don't have to love yourself completely yet.......

Boudoir is all about learning to love yourself!!! We often look in the mirror and see all of our "Flaws". YES, IT'S NOT just you!!! Literally, every single woman we photograph thinks they have "flaws"! Our job and our mission are to show you just how beautiful you truly are! We as women can hear our significant other or others tell us this over and over again but until WE see it... Until WE truly see it for ourselves we will never believe them! That's where we come in. We will show you how everyone else sees you! We will show you just how beautiful you really are!

How do we do it? How do we see YOU and capture only the best?

This is our JOB! To make you look like a Goddess. We use lighting, posing, and simple directions to find that light that you (yes, you) have inside of you. Not only will you find and embrace this beauty, but you will carry it with you when you leave.

Need help with finding an outfit? Call us!

Need help with makeup? We have people!

Need a laugh? We are at the ready!

boudoir photography lebo kansas, professional boudoir photos

Are you ready to show yourself some love? Go ahead, take a bath.... read a book... OR, if you're ready for some TRUE self-love, join us at Amy Lynn Portraits Boudoir and let us bring back your fire!!!


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