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The Ultimate Boudoir Checklist

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

"I am not even sure where to start or what to bring" - Every Boudoir Client Ever

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You can spend hours looking on Pinterest or browsing the web trying to find the answers! There are so many places to look that it becomes overwhelming.

Boudoir is for every woman! Yes, you, every Shape and Size of woman! Think about the reason you are wanting to do a boudoir session. Boudoir is all about self-confidence and body positivity. You want to feel sexy, empowered bold, and most importantly CONFIDENT, whether you are in your birthday suit or lingerie!!

Our Boudoir checklist will walk you through everything you need to know to prepare for your session!



First of all, you need to relax! You are in the best hands with Amy Lynn Portraits Boudoir. We will pamper and get you all dolled up from your eyelashes to the tips of your toes, we have you covered! All you need to do is use this handy boudoir checklist to make sure you are prepared for your amazing day!

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1-2 Months Before Your Shoot

- Start drinking plenty of water (Your skin will thank you)

- Start shopping for your 3-5 Outfits. This leaves plenty of time for shipping and trying on those gorgeous pieces you purchased!

* Some places to start looking include (Adore Me, Yandy, Shein, Amazon, Victoria Secret, Torrid, Hips, and Curves)

-If you are thinking of getting a new tattoo or piercing, now is the time to get this done. I would not recommend getting either of these any closer than 2 months out from your session to allow your body to heal! We want your new ink or piercing to look amazing in your images!


2 Weeks Before Your Boudoir Shoot

-Visit with your hairstylist at this time if you regularly visit the salon, to allow for any color or cut corrections prior to your session.

-Try on your outfits and narrow down your choices!! This is so much fun. You are more than welcome to bring plenty of outfits and we can go through them together!

-Continue to drink all the water! This really and truly helps your skin so much!

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3-5 Days Before Your Session

- If you wax, this is the time to go visit the salon to have this done. This allows time for your skin to calm down if you happen to experience any redness or sensitivity!

- Time to get that mani and Pedi!

-Continue to drink all the water.


The Day Before Your Boudoir Session

-Make double-sure your outfits fit and you want to wear them.

-Pack your bag with outfits, shoes, and any accessories you want to bring. Remove all tags from outfits.

-Wash and blow out your hair right before bed. This is especially important if you have fine hair, so it holds a curl or waves the next day.

-Moisturize that skin!

-Get a good night’s sleep! Nobody likes dark circles in photographs.


The Day of Your Session

-Start your day off with a big glass of water.

-Use clear deodorant

-Eat something light but filling. Trust me, you’re going to burn it off!

-Wear comfortable, loose clothing prior to arrival at Amy Lynn Portraits Boudoir to prevent lines on your skin. I recommend coming braless! You can change privately here.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts!

DON’T spray tan or tan in a tanning bed prior to your session; you should come with your skin looking as natural as possible because that’s when it looks its most beautiful!

*Spray tans also don’t photograph well and turn out a really orange in camera.

DON’T try out a brand new cut or color before your session. Stick with what you know you love!

DO get outside your comfort zone with at least one outfit. You never know, it might turn out to be the set you love the most, and in fact, most of our clients’ favorite images are the ones outside their comfort zone!

DON’T worry about being nervous; everyone is at first!

DO have a blast and trust Amy when it comes to posing and making you look amazing! The more you trust in the process the better your session will go! Most of all have FUN!! Ready to learn more? Click the link below to connect with Amy Lynn Portraits Boudoir. What are you waiting for? Learn More


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