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Mrs. W. Finds Empowerment Through Boudoir- Kansas Boudoir Photographer

Mrs. W. came to us with fears… fears that she would not like any of her images! After all she never likes images of herself. She was totally thinking as she got to the door about bolting and not coming in, but she took a deep breath and walked through the door!!!

It is absolutely NORMAL to feel Nervous!!! Our Team here at Amy Lynn Portraits Boudoir are your ultimate person HYPE team!!! We got you! We promise to make you feel comfortable and realaxed! Once you walk through the door you are our tope priority! WE want you to feel like the supermodel you are! We will pose you from head to toe and walk you through everything! Your only job is to have FUN! WE want you to looooveee this experience and YOU WILL! It is literally a Blast!

How would you describe yourself and your comfort with getting your pictures taken before our shoot together?

I am very self-conscious and I absolutely hated my body. I was blessed with 3 children who had to be cut out of me which left scars on my abdomen. I thought poorly of myself and my body due to being in an abusive relationship for so long. I was body shamed; told, “no one would ever love you, you only had kids so you would always have someone that would love you. No one will want you because of how broke you are. No one will think you’re beautiful because you have all those scars, but I think you’re beautiful scars and all”. I never felt “pretty enough” to have pictures taken of me. When my ex would make a comment about my body (insinuating I was chubby) I would stop eating. When I finally dropped from 160lbs to around 115-120lbs it changed to “now you look somewhat worthy to keep, but if you leave this house you need to completely cover up because I don’t need you getting any ideas that other guys are interested in you”.

What doubts or fears did you have before and during your booking?

Prior to me booking my shoot I had to see what exactly a boudoir photo shoot was. I wasn’t too sure about it because of how I negatively felt about my body. After talking with Amy I was a little bit more positive, but still unsure. I continuously talked off and on with Amy until we finally settled on a date for the pictures. There When I arrived, I thought she could tell I was freaking out. I was also thinking, “how in the hell does she think she can make me look decent and feel better about myself?” I told her about a smidge of abuse I endured over the years, thinking, “it can’t be undone. I’m not worthy of pictures like this! What am I doing here?”

As the process started from makeup and my hair, I was still nervous, then it came time for outfits and the actual photo shoot to start. Part of me wanted to run and the other part of me wanted to see it through on the off chance/hope that I could look like the women she has photographed and actually looked amazing. After getting acclimated to the studio I became more relaxed and there was definitely A LOT of laughing during this session. She said it was going to be a workout and she definitely was not lying. Amy was able to lessen my anxiety as the day progressed to where we were laughing our asses off and any negative thoughts escaped my mind for the remainder of the shoot.

How did you feel after the session? Did you feel more confident?

After the session (or workout as Amy forewarned me) my body was tired, but at the same time I felt amazing because I had so much fun. I had my spirits lifted regardless of how my stubby legs felt. My legs felt like jello, but my head was in the clouds because I believed that it was impossible to capture any decent pictures of me, but Amy made me feel that I was capable of taking amazing pictures and she was able to capture me in a raw version of myself. have the curves my mama blessed me with and I try to rock them any chance I get. I am more confident in some of the outfits I have. Instead of straying away from the outfits that I thought were cute but was too afraid to wear, I now wear with no problems.

What did it feel like when you received your images?

I had my doubts. When I saw them I couldn’t believe/fathom that the pictures on the computer screen were actually me. Certain ones I wasn’t able to deny because of my tattoos.

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