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Mrs. M's Journey to Confidently Fantastic - Lebo, KS Boudoir Photography

Pushing through your fight or flight instinct can be terrifying, but is it worth it? One visit to a Kansas Boudoir Studio has brought out the confidence in Mrs. M who almost chose flight and canceled her session. Not only does she feel confidence in every inch of her skin, but she now has a new favorite piece in her wardrobe!

Most women feel EXACTLY like Mrs. M before their session. Push through! Once you have had the privilege of a team focused on releasing your inner goddess it is most definitely worth the beginning jitters and butterflies. Grab your confidence and allow it to shine as it always should have. Here at Amy Lynn Portraits Boudoir, that's our passion!! We focus YOUR light. We make YOUR strengths pop. And we have FUN doing it!

Did you have any obstacles or fears about doing a boudoir session?

Yes. SO many. I was worried about everything. Mainly my body. I have been working on losing

weight for over a year and I am not quite where I want to be. I was so worried my thighs were still too big and all the cellulite on my legs and butt would be super noticeable. I had myself so worried, I wanted to cancel the day of my shoot as my nerves were shot. I seriously was on the verge of tears driving to my shoot. But, I made myself do it, hoping I would see my body differently after my shoot.

How did the session make you feel?

Amazing! Everyone was so caring and compassionate. They did whatever they could to make me feel comfortable and at home. I started to loosen up after getting my hair and make up done by the lovely stylists. By the end of the shoot I was completely 100% comfortable with what Amy was having me do as she made me feel so good about myself.

Did anything surprise you?

My reveal pictures and the confidence I had when I left my shoot. There was a set of photos that I would not have imagined doing and after the shoot I could not stop thinking about them (they are now my favorite set!). I was so shocked with how beautiful the pictures were that it was like all of my fear and anxiety about myself had disappeared out the window.

What would your advice be to others?

Just book the shoot! You won't regret it.

Did anything change about the way you see yourself? Were there changes in your beauty, sexuality, or body confidence as a result of your session?

100% I am way more confident about my body! I look fucking fantastic just how I am!! After seeing my sweater photos I have now ordered 3 more to add to my closet!

What would you say to people who say they can't do a boudoir session because they are too shy or nervous?

I would tell them that I understand why they are nervous and that's normal. But.... Book the shoot! Let Amy and her team work their magic. Trust me when I say you will not regret it! You will never know how your body looks to others until you bring yourself out of your comfort zone. You need to see yourself from the eyes of others as it will make you view yourself so differently. You will walk out of the shoot feeling so confident in yourself!! Lastly, you'll be mind blown at your reveal like I was. I was almost in tears seeing my reveal images that were not even edited! Do yourself a favor and book that shoot!

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