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Love My Body Ms. C

This is my Story....

I wanted to be in the love my body campaign because, I have been very insecure with my body pretty much my whole life, actually not even just my body, but my hair, my piercing, my tattoos, yes even though every single one of them mean something to me. It all ended with either guys telling me I'm too big, so I stop eating to get to the size they want me to, or telling me I'm not big enough, and cry in my room at night, sit in the bottom of the shower crying, locking myself in my bedroom, because never feeling pretty enough to let people look at me. My hair should never be a unnatural color because that's just hideous. Or tattoos aren't suppose to be on you, "how do you feel their going to look when your old, and saggy?" No matter what I do to my body I never get to be the right size, shape,or look, and don't have the curves everyone is so into now a days. 

     Being told my scars on my body are ugly and that I will be nothing but stupid for putting them on my body. I have scars up and down my legs and arms, because I never ever thought I would be good enough for anyone to love my body the way it was, and feeling pain was the best feeling in the world, it was something it was real, and it is my story. As of 8/20/2018 it has been 6 months that I have not put any new stories on my body, I have also stopped listening to a guy about how he thinks I should look or wants me to look.

      I want other girls to see even if you are small, coloring your hair, having piercing and tattoos, you are still beautiful in your own skin. They don't have to be the "thick" look every guy is trying to make a girl now a days. Having a thigh gap is okay, having small boobs is okay, having a small butt is okay. Color that hair, get those tattoos and piercings. GOD made you the way you are, and unfortunately it took me 21 years to figure that out. But, I'm in love with myself, all my tattoos, all my scares, all my colored hair, now, and I'm not going to change for anyone. My body is my story, and I'm not going to let someone else write it for me. 

     STAY beautiful ladies!

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